Welcome to ElysiumEdit

Welcome to the gang! Elysium is a multiversal RP setting shared by a bunch of nerds on the internet, set primarily within The Elysium Nightclub. The amount of worldbuilding and history we've built up over our years of continuous operation is finally reaching the point where organization is required, and so hopefully this wiki will enable those without prior knowledge to easily hop into our settings. No prior knowledge of any specific setting is required, though general knowledge of Homestuck and its themes might be helpful.

The SettingEdit

The RP is set generally within The Elysium Nightclub, a gathering place for interesting people. While many of its regulars are exceptionally powerful and influential visitors, nothing prevents more normal individuals from finding their way inside and brushing shoulders with the elite. Over time, the scope of this RP has expanded beyond just the goings-on in the nightclub, and has come to encompass an ever-growing world of multiversal empires, criminal organizations, and disgraced paragons of justice.

Latest activityEdit

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